Video: Aussie weatherman passes out live on air during plane stunt


One Australian weatherman found out the hard way what happens when you try and give a live report during a terrifying plane stunt.

Channel 7 Sunrise weatherman, Grant Denyer, passed out after asking former fighter pilot Matt Hall to take him to 8Gs (gravity forces) in the small plane.

Denyer can be heard joking with his colleagues, "I want to see how long I can last at 8G. I want to know if I'm as tough as Matt Hall", before promptly passing out mid-air on camera.

Back in the studio, anchor Melissa Doyle exclaims: "He's passed out! Oh, cut! We don't want to see."

According to the Mirror, Denyer later tweeted: "Well this has never happened before! Even worse... geez I look ugly when I sleep."

We shouldn't laugh...

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