Balmy to brrr: More snow on the way after half-term burst of spring


More heavy snow on the way after half-term chill

The UK could be on the verge of experiencing the coldest February for 22 years after a half-term chill threatens the worst cold spell this winter from Wednesday - with snow expected in the east later in the week.

But that wasn't before the nation enjoyed a short burst of spring on Monday and Tuesday. Darren Dickey, Head Gardener at Trebah Gardens in Cornwall, was even able to show two-year-old Eva Bray a bloom of Magnolia campbellii flowers as spring appeared to arrive in the south-west peninsula (pictured below).

And as the mercury hit 11C on Tuesday, some people were even seen enjoying the sun on Brighton Beach, as well as punting on the river in Cambridge

Balmy to brrr: More snow on the way after half-term burst of spring

It was a lovely day after an extremely foggy start that saw London shrouded in mist, and 63 flights cancelled at Heathrow.

But the Met Office said daytime highs would fall to between 2 to 4C on Wednesday. It added there could even be light snow in the east from Friday into the weekend.

Balmy to brrr: More snow on the way after half-term burst of spring

Met Office spokeswoman Helen Chivers told Aol Travel: "We are expecting to see some light snow flurries in eastern areas as we head into Friday and over the weekend but amounts will be small and are not expected to cause disruption."

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, also told Aol Travel that cold temperatures and light snow will hit: "There will be a cold end to February. Temperatures will get a lot colder by Wednesday this week with bitter easterly winds, only reaching 1 to 3C by day on Thursday and Friday, and 3 to 5C this weekend with widespread frost at night. Down to -8C in Scotland overnight."

Forecaster Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook said mild weather early in the week will give way to harsher conditions, and said heavier snow was possible. He told the Metro: "Make the most of the mild weather as winter will return, with some suggestions the coldest spell of winter is still to come.

"Colder air will filter in from the east from Tuesday, with temperatures on a downward slope.

"The duration of the cold spell is not clear, but milder air from the south-west at the end of the week could be the catalyst for heavy snow, although mild air could also fizzle out with the UK remaining cold with snow showers in the east."

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