Get rude at altitude: How to join mile-high club without getting arrested


Get rude at altitude: UK company offers fliers chance to join the mile-high club legally

One UK travel company is offering up the chance to join the mile-high club without the threat of getting arrested - with a starting price of £4,999.

Yep, for a princely sum you and your loved one can get flirty over thirty (thousand feet) and even perform a thigh-over (the pun opportunities here are endless).

And it's not just plane old sex in the sky on offer: you'll also get complimentary chocolates, Champagne, and an optional catering service, but the flight only lasts for an hour, so you may be too busy for food...

According to the offer on, you'll be met at the airstrip by "the most discreet pilot currently employed in British aviation".

Silky pillows, scattered rose petals, soft lighting, and "luxurious linen with an erotically high thread count" can all be arranged upon request.

Then, as soon as the plane has reached the magical height required by international aviation law for nookie - 5,280 feet (a mile, geddit?) - you're apparently "good to go wild".

Who said romance was dead? It's Valentine's Day, and love is definitely in the air... Visit for more information.

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