Sales of burkinis are soaring - but would you buy one?


Sales of burkinis are soaring - but would you buy one?

Most of us had never heard of burkinis until we saw snaps of Nigella Lawson wearing one on Sydney's Bondi Beach, two years ago.

But the Daily Mail reports that the swimsuits, originally designed for Islamic women, are becoming increasingly popular among British, non-Muslim women.

Typically, a burkini incorporates a long-sleeved tunic with a hood, and trousers, leaving only the hands, feet and face uncovered. It is made of lycra and nylon, and can be worn on the beach and in the water.

Now it seems that self-conscious British women are beginning to realise that the burkini is a great way to cover up on the beach - especially if they are self-conscious about their weight - and it also helps to protect pale skin from the sun's rays.

London-based company Modestly Active has been selling burkinis since 2007. Sales and Marketing director Ismail Sacranie told the Daily Mail that, after a slow start, sales have grown between 300 and 400 per cent in the last two years. Business is booming and the Modestly Active Facebook page currently has 1,873 'likes'.

Kausar Sacranie, chief executive of Modestly Active, who designed Nigella's burkini, said that she originally designed the beachwear because she was bored of wearing T-shirts and leggings in the water.

She told the Daily Mail: "I wanted something different but I didn't want to look like a Teletubby on the beach. I wanted something I was comfortable in and that made me look good. Later I went on holiday to Dubai and I was swamped with people asking me where I got it. After Nigella wore my swimsuit, people became more comfortable with the idea. And a lot of people who are not Muslims wanted something with a hood."

A range of burknis are available to buy on the Modestly Active website for £59.99, and a number of glowing testimonials indicate that customers are very happy with their purchases.

But would you wear one? Let us know below...

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