Family of five killed in Belgium plane crash


Family of five killed in Belgium plane crash

A small passenger plane crashed at Belgium's Charleroi airport yesterday morning, killing five members of the same family.

Sky News reports that the plane had problems on takeoff and tried to return to the airport to make an emergency landing. It then crashed on the side of the runway.

Two adults and three children died in the crash. They are reported to be a 68-year-old grandfather, a 39-year-old mother and three children aged seven, six and three. They are thought to be from Brussels.

The Daily Express reports that the accident happened when the small Cessna aircraft was trying to take off in freezing fog.

The aircraft was badly damaged upon impact, and officials still do not know exactly what happened.

As a result of the crash, the airport was closed for six hours and flights were diverted to Liege and Brussels.

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