Romanian airline cancels flight from Heathrow over 'drunk' pilot


Romanian airline cancels flight from Heathrow over 'drunk' pilot

A Romanian airline cancelled a flight from Heathrow after the pilot was suspected of being drunk before take-off.

Authorities refused permission for Radu Cristea, 38, to take off in the Bucharest-bound Airbus A318 on Wednesday morning, Reuters reports.

In a statement, state-owned airline Tarom said: 'We cancelled the flight because one crew member was not physically fit to operate. His medical incapacity was tracked down in London during routine checks.'

'The pilot returned home on Thursday and we suspended him from activity until the investigation is finalized.'

The carrier added: 'If official results we receive show he tested positive for alcohol, we'll immediately fire him.'

According to the Sun, police arrested Cristea as he entered the cockpit just 30 minutes before the scheduled departure after tests found he was too drunk to fly.

The three-hour flight had 33 passengers on board.

It was alleged that Cristea was four times the UK legal limit for pilots.

A police spokesman told the Sun: 'Radu Cristea was charged with performing an aviation function while exceeding the alcohol limit.'

If found guilty, he could spend up to two years in prison and pay a £5,000 fine.

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