Woman crashes into bee hive and dies after being stung over 500 times


Woman crashes into beehive and dies after being stung over 500 times

A woman died in Brazil after crashing her car into a bee hive during a thunderstorm on Saturday evening.

According to Rondoniaovivo.com, Mariana Lucher lost control of the car on the BR-158 motorway, left the road and hit a bee hive, where she was attacked, Federal Highway Police said.

The 23-year-old student military police trainee was taken to hospital in Rosario do Sul city and doctors said she had around 500 bites on her body.

The Daily Mail reports that Mariana was allergic to bee stings but may not have known it.

Witnesses said they saw her running away from the car after the crash in an attempt to escape the bees.

Mariana was buried on Sunday.

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