Video: Family in birthday flight catch crash-landing on camera


A family whose plane crash-landed during a birthday trip managed to capture the whole incident on camera.

Jonathan and Kara Fielding went on the flight in Cache County, Utah, with their seven-month-old baby and Kara's mother.

Family friend Lynn Goodsell was piloting the single-engine Cessna 175, and Jonathan had booked the journey as a birthday present for his wife, according to

While they're in the air, Jonathan can be heard saying: "We are just over the top of the overpass.

"We are told that there's carburetor ice, so this is kind of exciting. I'm not worried. I think we're going to be just fine."

But Goodsell goes to turn on the carburetor heater and the engine shuts down. He then immediately starts to look for a good place to make an emergency landing.

Everybody appears to remain calm, and Jonathan says: "We're going to land in a field, right here." Moments later, the plane touches down in a field of snow - and flips upside down.

He can be heard asking everyone if they are okay, and says to Goodsell: "I'm really sorry about your plane."

Jonathan later said he'd expected a smooth landing, and wouldn't have recorded the crash on his phone if he'd thought it was going to be so rough.

All five people on board escaped unharmed.

According to CBS News, it was Kara's first time on an airplane.

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