Tourist captures incredible pic of waterspout tornado


Holidaymaker captures incredible pic of waterspout tornado in the Mediterranean

A holidaymaker has managed to capture an amazing picture of a waterspout tornado off the coast of Bastia, Corsica.

Isabelle Filippini, who's based in Paris, was visiting her parents' holiday home on the French island when she spotted the incredible vortex on the horizon.

She told Solent News: "My family and I had been admiring the sea, despite the low clouds.

"Then all of a sudden one of the clouds was pointing towards the sea and I realised it was forming a tornado. I was amazed as the waterspout touched the sea.

"On the ground everything was quiet - the weather had been stormy for a few days but there was no strong wind and no rain. I ran to catch my camera, changed my lens and caught a classic view of the spout."

The tornado, which appears to be dwarfing the yacht in the picture, lasted for about 10 minutes, before another one appeared around 20 minutes later.

Mrs Filippini, 43, added: "I have spent my holidays in Corsica since I was born, but never saw such a tornado.

"I don't think I will ever see anything like it again. It seems to be quite rare, but happens sometimes in the Mediterranean.

"I'm so amazed I got this photo of the boat in front of the huge waterspout - they must have been so scared."

Back in December 2011, photographer Lionel Cironneau managed to capture a picture of a waterspout in the same region, between Nice and Corsica.

A waterspout is a tornado that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud.

Contrary to popular belief, waterspouts do not suck up water; the water seen in the main funnel cloud is actually water droplets formed by condensation.

They are a more common occurrence in the tropics, but locations at higher latitude within temperate zones also report waterspouts, such as Europe - as is evidenced in Mrs Filippino's picture.

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