Tourist's dreadlocks stolen for hair extensions


Tourist's dreadlocks stolen for hair extensions

A holidaymaker's dreadlocks were stolen to be sold as hair extensions as he partied at a nightclub with friends in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Robbers grabbed Mutsa Madonko and shaved his head before he was found unconscious and bare-headed, the Daily Mirror reports.

After noticing that his friend was missing, worried Jasper Munsinwa looked for Madonko, of Zimbabwe, in the club and found him unconscious and without his dreadlocks, which took him 10 years to grow.

He said: 'When we found him he still had his cellphone and wallet with all his money inside.'

According to, dreadlock stylists say there is high demand for dreadlocks in Johannesburg and few ask questions about where they came from.

Stylists say shoulder-length dreadlocks can fetch £50 and longer ones are worth up to £175.

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