Video: Incredible! Surfer conquers 100ft wave


Surfing legend Garrett McNamara appears to have surfed the biggest wave in history with a crowd watching in Nazare, Portugal.

The daredevil surfer was pictured riding down what is being claimed as the biggest wave ever conquered.

He rode the massive wall of water, estimated to be about 100ft-high.

If confirmed, McNamara will have broken his own record, which he set riding a 78ft high wave in late 2011.

The moment was captured from the hillside overlooking the bay by Portugese photographer Tó Mané.

McNamara told ABC TV he was relieved to have avoided the rocky section of the coast.

He said: 'You are just going so fast.

"It's really, really similar to snowboarding on giant mountains.

"And you're just chattering, flying down this bumpy, bumpy mountain. Your brain is getting rattled. Your whole body is getting rattled."

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