Plane crashes into Hudson River: two people rescued


Plane crashes into Hudson River: two people rescued

Two people have been rescued after a light aircraft crashed and sank in the Hudson River.

According to reports from CBS News, a man and woman, both of whom were wearing life vests, were pulled form the icy waters off Yonkers 30 minutes after the crash.

The man is thought to have been piloting the aircraft on a sightseeing tour when the accident happened.

News outlet reports that the two had been stranded in the water and were yelling for help when they were saved by a rescue boat.

Both victims were in a state of near shock and were suffering from hypothermia but are now believed to be in a stable condition.

Reports in the New York Daily News say that an off-duty policeman and his 12-year old son were among the rescuers.

The cause of the crash is not yet known.

The Hudson River is no stranger to planes crashing. In January 2009, a plane carrying 155 people landed in the water after a bird strike caused engine failure. The 'hero' pilot of the 'Miracle on the Hudson' managed to land the plane safely and no one was killed.