Cheeky lioness steals photographer's camera on safari


Cheeky lion steals photographer's camera on safari

A lioness seemingly got so fed up with the 'wildlife paparazzi' she picked up a nearby camera taking pictures of her - and took off with it.

The camera was placed next to a dead buffalo by photographer Ed Hetherington, from Roswell in Atlanta, USA, who was hoping to capture the lioness devouring its prey.

But she had other ideas and instead of tucking into the fresh kill, she lifted the camera off its tripod and walked off through Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe with his kit.

Cheeky lion steals photographer's camera on safari

Mr Hetherington told Caters News: "She had just killed a water buffalo and there were lots of vultures around.

"When she went to check up on her cubs we placed a remote controlled Canon 5D Mark II nearby to try and capture her chasing the vultures away before tucking into her meal."

But she was far more interested in the clicking camera, which, remarkably, didn't suffer too much in its ordeal.

He added: "Eventually she got bored of her new toy and walked away. We picked up the camera and there were some minor teeth marks but no real damage."

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