Video: Rare Siberian tigers born at Ukraine zoo


Video: Rare Siberian tigers born at Ukraine zoo

The cute factor of two newborn Siberian tiger cubs is literally through the roof.

The pair are the latest addition to the Amur tigers at Yalta Zoo in the Ukraine, which is home to the world's largest collection of the animal after a concerted bid to boost their numbers.

Zoo director Oleg Zubkov said: "The birth of Amur tigers at the Yalta Zoo is always a big and significant event – not only for the zoo but for Amur tigers in general.

"Today there are only a few hundred left in the world, they're very rare, and the birth of every baby is one more big addition to the attempt to preserve these wonderful animals."

The animals were hunted close to extinction in the 1960s, but, thanks to conservation efforts, numbers are now close to 500.

The main threats to their continued survival are poachers, and the destruction of their habitat.

See the cute bundles in the video below:

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