Video: Elizabeth Hurley loses her cool with reporter at Perth Airport


The usually oh-so-stylish Elizabeth Hurley lost her cool, calm and collected English exterior at Perth Airport on Wednesday - and told a reporter to "eff off".

Australia's Channel Ten reporter Caty Price said Liz snapped after she tried to question her boyfriend Shane Warne as the Melbourne Stars left Perth following a loss to the Perth Scorchers.

Caty told WA Today: "We were out at the airport to ask Shane about the game and the latest charge that he's facing. As you can imagine he was pretty tight-lipped coming in," Price told Radio 6PR.

"Obviously he didn't say much, Liz then walked into the back of me, clipped my heels, said 'Don't you know that it's rude to stand in front of people?' Fair enough, and I then asked her, 'Liz what did you think, what did you think of the game last night?'

"She's then spun around on her heels, said 'I think you should...' mouthed close up to me, up to my face 'eff off' and then done another spin and flick of the hair and strutted off with Shane."

She added that she was taken by surprise by the outburst: "Certainly that's not what I was expecting this morning and probably not what I would have thought from an English lady."

Watch the YouTube video below. What do you think? Was Elizabeth's outburst justified?