High five! Adorable panda cub born in China says hello to the world


A super cute panda cub born at a conservation centre in China has been pictured smiling, waving and high-fiving the world from its incubator.

The 37-day-old panda cub was weighed and fed by medics before photographer Dr Katherine Feng, 65, snapped the adorable creature lying on its front and offering a high five with its right paw at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan.

In another picture, the black and white bear is seen being carried in its mum's mouth just a few hours after it was born.

Dr Feng, a qualified vet from Colorado, America, told the Daily Mail: 'If a new born cub is ignored or rejected by its mother, it is cared for in the nursery until such time its mother is able to take care of it.

'When the cubs are first born they are about the size of a fat hotdog and weigh somewhere around four ounces.

'They are pink with white stubby hair and are not cute at all - they look very similar to large new born mice or rats and not at all like pandas.'

She added: 'Personally, I think the cubs start looking cute at about four weeks when they are un-mistakenly baby pandas.

'At that age, they are roly-poly balls of black and white. They are able to move a bit more and are cute to watch.

'No other photographer has ever been granted such access at the CCRCGP.

'It was very tempting to pet and play with the baby pandas.

'But since I was granted permission and access as a documentary photographer, it would not have been appropriate for me to handle the cubs.'

Images: Katherine Feng/Minden/Solent

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