Easyjet slammed for Malaga vs. Margate poster


easyJet slammed for Malaga vs. Margate poster

Easyjet has been accused of damaging the reputation of seaside town Margate, thanks to a new advertising campaign which says: "This year end up in Malaga not Margate."

According to This is Kent, angry Margate residents have taken to Twitter and Facebook accusing the airline of taking a cheap shot at the town and undoing all the work that has been done to improve and promote the area.

Margate residents, who believe that the new campaign is a slur on the town, expressed their feelings on the Facebook page for the Isle of Thanet Gazette.

One poster, Peter Checkfield, writes: "Margate/Thanet has everything I want (haven't spent a night away from the place in over 6 years)".

Another, Sarah Bowers, writes: "Nothing on earth would tempt me to Malaga. I go to Margate quite regularly".

And Phil Smith writes: "We spend so much time and effort in trying to improve our economy then they come along and destroy all our hard work".

However, not everyone shares their enthusiasm for Margate.

Milly Starbuck Wonford writes: "I think it's pretty well said. No one wants pigeons and a chilly wet breeze. They want sun... and cocktails".

Justine Watson adds: "What is there in Margate to attract anyone with a family? There is nothing to do, no shops to spend your money, the arcades are either shut or run down! It's dirty and run down!!! Who would want to holiday in MargatejQuery191011968199699185789_1427732851774"

However one poster, reckons that the publicity might do Margate a favour.

Tara Parsons writes: "U never know it may attract more visitors to good ol Margate. All publicity is good I say - better than not being mentioned."

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