Freezing temps set to return after mild start to January


Freezing temps set to return after a mild start to JanuaryStock photo: Getty

Weather experts have warned that we shouldn't get used to the balmy temps of 13C that some parts of the country enjoyed this weekend.

By Friday, temperatures could drop by 10C, making an unwelcome return to the average for January, according to the Daily Telegraph.

By Thursday night, rural areas can expect night time temperatures to reach as low as -1C or -2C.

But it's not all bad news; with icy temperatures comes clearer skies and more sunshine.

A Met Office spokesman told Aol Travel: "We are going to see a steady fall in temperatures this week, back to the levels you would normally expect in January and in contrast to the very mild weather we have had over the last couple of weeks.

"We will see some slight frost in places this week – Wednesday night and on Thursday night – with temperatures at night falling to around minus 2C in places.

"As we head through the weekend temperatures are expected to be a little below normal, with night-time frost becoming more widespread. We will also see some fog patches, which could be slow to clear during the day.

"Through next week, its most likely to remain cold with a good deal of dry and sunny weather, with overnight frost and fog, and some wintry showers, especially in northern, central and eastern parts."

Meanwhile, it emerged last week that the record-breaking wet weather in Britain last year has resulted in roads deteriorating with an 'enormous increase' in potholes and a number of roads collapsing.

On Thursday, the Oxford Mail reported that a country road in Oxford had split exposing the earth beneath following heavy rainfall. Highway workers carried out emergency repairs on the road at Hinksey Hill but council spokesman Owen Morton said it would take 'months rather than weeks' to repair.

An expert predicted that it will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to repair the damaged road.

AA's head of roads policy Paul Watters told the Daily Mail: "The wet weather has had a massive impact on our roads. Our patrols are reporting an enormous increase in the amount of potholes. The heavy rain will have aggravated those that are already there, and brought about new ones.

"But it will also have affected the substructure of the road - in some instances we have even seen the base of the road washed away.

"And it is still early days. Once we have freezing weather, we will see frost and ice causing further damage to the road surface.

"The full scale of the problem will only emerge in the next few months."

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