'Mutiny' after 150 passengers hit with vomiting bug on P&O cruise


'Mutiny' after 150 passengers hit with vomiting bug on P&O cruisePA

Cruise ship passengers were threatening a mutiny on Tuesday night after more than 150 people were hit by a vomiting bug.

Passengers on P&O's Oriana cruise ship say the figure is more like 300, but the company itself insists only nine cases of norovirus have been confirmed, according to The Sun.

The liner set sail on 4 December for a tour of the Christmas markets of Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Hamburg.

But it had reportedly been hit with the bug within hours, and many of its 1,843 passengers quickly fell ill.

Some passengers suggested the virus had hit the ship's previous cruise and staff were suffering when they boarded this one.

Now, some passengers are predicting a "riot". Dave, from Walsall, West Midlands, told
"We'll refuse to disembark unless we get some answers. This hasn't been a holiday - it's been a cruise to Hell." Another British passenger said: "It is a scandal - misery on the high seas."

According to the
Daily Mail, one passenger said he wished he'd never booked, and the the corridors and toilets on the liner "smelled strongly of sick".

P&O said enhanced sanitation protocols had been employed in response to the outbreak.

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