Are these Britain's scariest roads?

Are these Britain's scariest roads?Getty

OK, so let's get one thing straight before we start. Britain's road network is one of the safest in the world. But sometimes, a little bit of adrenalin when we're driving is a tiny bit enjoyable. There's an exhilaration to negotiating a hairpin bend on a steep mountainside, crossing a bridge high over the swirling waters of a great river ... or even negotiating a tricky motorway junction or travelling along a notoriously haunted road on a dark winter's night.

Bearing in mind that Britain has been consistently in the top five for safety since 2000, and rates of serious accidents have been falling for 30 years now, we've selected some of our favourite scary drives around the country. Tell us below if you have any you think we should add... but most important of all, drive safely.

Ten scary British drives

Ten scary British drives

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