Video: 'Hero' lorry driver risks life to steer burning truck away from Xmas shoppers


The moment a man risked his own life to steer a burning lorry away from Christmas shoppers has been caught on camera.

Martin Ford ran into his HGV, which was carrying £100,000 worth of furniture, when he saw it was smoking furiously.

He moves the lorry away from the row of shops - and Xmas shoppers - and around a corner, before the entire thing is engulfed in 20ft flames.

Ollie Millen, 20, who captured the moment on film, told The Sun: "One minute the lorry was parked up on the street and the driver looked like he was unloading the furniture.

"Then suddenly there was loads of smoke and hot red flames, it just seemed to start all at once, I couldn't understand how it happened."

He added: "I thought he was really brave to move it, it could have exploded.

"The fire engines arrived four minutes after it was driven out of the street to safety.

"The driver got out and punched the wall, he looked angry at what had happened.

"The police arrived a little after and everyone was asked to stay back while the situation was sorted out."

Martin, who has worked for furniture company PD Global for 10 years, was described as the company's "best driver".

Ashleigh Pell, 60, general manager of PD Global, told the Daily Mail: "Martin realised straight away that the lorry was about to set fire to the shop he was delivering to.

"There were big awnings along the side of the shop. If he hadn't moved it, it would have been a disastrous outcome.

"I can certainly understand why people are saying his a hero, jumping into a burning wagon isn't something everyone would do.

"We are extremely proud of him."

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