Ten of the best drives for winter wildlife


Ten of the best drives for winter wildlifePA

There's an abundance of wildlife to see in Britain during the winter, and thanks to our extensive road network, much of it is easily accessible. Even near to the big towns and cities population, there's surprising quantity and diversity, and the colder weather often has the effect of bringing wildlife closer in.

From deer and birdlife flocking in from the colder climes of Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland, to o dolphins, seals, porpoises and whales. They're not as difficult to see as you might think; the key is to know their favoured feeding areas. Inland, Britain's various species of deer can also be readily observed from your car during the winter, as the colder weather brings them down from the higher ground.

Of course, the most obvious change in the winter is the landscape itself. There's little better than bowling along a country lane on a crystal clear December morning when the deciduous trees have been laid bare against the sharp cold sky, and frosts and even snowfalls have created magical effects on the fields, heaths and hills.

The best drives for winter wildlife

The best drives for winter wildlife