Thomson worker sends foul-mouthed emails to holidaymaker who complained


Thomson worker sends foul-mouthed emails to holidaymaker who complainedStock photo, Riviera Maya: Getty

A holidaymaker who dared to complain about her romantic Valentine's trip to Mexico received a series of foul-mouthed emails upon her return.

Gemma Fish, 29, paid £3,000 for a joint birthday and Valentine's day holiday at the Catalonia Riviera Maya with her fiancé Andrew Bracchi back in February.

But, when she arrived at the hotel and found her room to be like a "prison cell", she rang Thomson on its 24-hour "holidayline" telephone service. The couple were moved to a better room, although they were still not happy about the noise, the low standard of food and the beach.

In an email to the company sent during her holiday, Ms Fish said: "The tiles on the floor were chipped, there is literally 2 beds, a desk and a TV.. You have taken £3,000 off me and I am absolutely horrified you can do this to people."

She told the Daily Mail: "Quite frankly it was more like a prison cell than what you would expect after paying £3,000 for a holiday. It was just horrendous. I was appalled that they could do this to us."

But, a month after Ms Fish complained to the tour operator, she received a barrage of rude emails from a rogue Thomson staff member who had apparently "interfered with a number of internal email accounts".

One email, often in "text" speak, read: : "Gemma do u really think we give a **** Because we don't so shut the **** up with your moaning and book with Thomas Cook coz we don't want ur custom lol and the hotel have said u r one MOANING bitch."

While another said: "Gemma we are sorry that ur room is NOTHING like you thought it would be like... But you need to go an see ur rep, but she really won't give a s*** like the 24/7 holiday line."

Thomson has since apologised to Ms Fish and, according to the Daily Telegraph, said in a statement: "An employee interfered with a number of internal email accounts, sending inappropriate emails. We carried out a full internal investigation, as well as supporting the police in their investigation, the issue was dealt with immediately and the staff member was dismissed.

"We would like to reassure our customers that the interference of these email accounts was an isolated incident. Customer service is of paramount importance to Thomson and we have taken all the steps necessary to ensure it does not happen again."

The company has since offered Ms Fish a cheque for £150, which she says is unsatisfactory.

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