Airline teams up with KFC for in-flight meals


Japan Airlines is to offer Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to passengers over the Christmas period. Is this a good idea?

Have you ever fancied a finger-lickin' takeaway while you're 35,000ft in the air?

Of course you have. Which is why an international airline has decided to team up with good old Colonel Sanders to provide hungry passengers with a full-on KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) meal as their inflight sustenance.

Forget the traditional "cardboard" plane food. Instead, Japan Airlines will be serving deep fried chicken breasts and drumsticks (wot no wings?), all cooked according to the Colonel's special "secret recipe". Flatbread, coleslaw and "special" mayonnaise are also thrown in.

For the next three months international flights between Narita and London, Paris and Frankfurt and many US airports will offer its passengers this specially tailored Air Kentucky meal.

But why now, you may ask? Well, according to the fast food giant's website, the Japanese eat bucketloads of KFC at Christmas time, as turkey isn't readily available. So it's all done in the name of festive cheer.

Would you like to see more airlines team up with fast food companies? Tell us your views below!

Weird food around the world. Picky eater? Look away now!

Weird food around the world. Picky eater? Look away now!

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