Drivers furious after getting parking tickets in flood-hit UK town


Drivers furious after getting parking tickets in flood-hit UK townTewksebury has been greatly affected by the recent floods: PA

It's seems those hard-working traffic wardens won't be stopped - come hell or high water.

Drivers in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, were left furious this week after being given £50 fines after their cars were deemed to be parked illegally, even though floods left them with nowhere else to go.

A town centre trader told The Sun he had received a ticket two days in a row, while a colleague had been given three.

He told the paper: "There's nowhere to park and yet the traffic warden told me she was not allowed to use discretion or common sense."

Councillor Mike Sztymiak agreed that the strict parking rules should be relaxed during floods.
He said: "If we don't, we're putting profit before the people. These are emergency times. Many of the roads have been flooded. Where are they going to park?"

But Tewkesbury Borough Council said provisions for other parking had been made. Mella McMahon, the council's director of development, told The Sun: "The recent flooding is causing parking difficulties for some residents and businesses so we have been in touch with our permit holders to let them know they can park in any available car park if their usual one is affected by the floods.

"As always, we must ensure that we act in the best interest of everyone and, given the reduced available parking as a result of the flooding, it is important that this is carefully managed to ensure availability for residents, businesses and visitors."

What do you think? Should traffic wardens take a couple of days off during floods? Leave a comment below...

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