Video: Anaconda regurgitates whole 'cow'


Warning: if you're of a sensitive disposition, it might be best to look away now...

One snake's eyes were too big for its belly in the Brazilian jungle after it was caught on camera regurgitating what was described on YouTube as an entire cow.

Readers have debated whether it is, in fact, a capybara, a more common meal for an anaconda, but, either way, it's a pretty gruesome scene.

The green anaconda is one of the world's longest snakes, reaching more than 22 foot long. While the reticulated python is known to be longer, the anaconda is the heaviest species of snake in the world.

Claims of green anacondas reaching 35 to 40 feet have been reported, but not substantiated. As such, there is a $50,000 reward for anyone that can catch an anaconda 30ft or longer, according to Wikipedia.

Green anacondas are primarily aquatic, and eat a wide variety of prey, ranging from fish, birds, and other reptiles, to tapir, deer, capybara and caiman.

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