Schoolgirl dies from ruptured stomach during half-term Butlins break


Schoolgirl dies from ruptured stomach during half-term Butlins breakButlins

A 14-year-old schoolgirl died during a half-term holiday at Butlins, Skegness because she was so violently sick that her stomach ruptured, causing a heart attack.

The Daily Mail reports that Jessica Ashton-Pyatt, from Clayton in Lincolnshire, was rushed to the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, where her condition rapidly deteriorated. Doctors battled to save her, but her parents were told that there was no hope that she would survive. She died on October 28.

Jessica's mother, Nicola Pyatt, told the Daily Mail that she was at home when she received a phone call from Butlins saying that her daughter had been taken ill.

She said: "They had been having a ball on the Friday. Then on the Saturday, Jessica wasn't feeling well. I found it really hard to take. The doctors said they had never come across such a case.

"When they said there was nothing more they could do, my first words were, 'No, she can't die. I've already got her Christmas presents.' I told them they had to do something."

Jessica's funeral was held last week, and her school are now planning a memorial garden and an art award in her honour.

Jessica's mother, who attended the funeral with her husband Andy, told This is Staffordshire: "I'm overwhelmed and amazed by what they've done in memory of Jessica."

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