Woman terrifies her mother with Grand Canyon prank photo


Woman terrifies her mother with Grand Canyon prank photoReddit

A 22-year-old woman almost gave her 'over-protective' mother a heart-attack when she sent her a holiday snap, which appeared to show her falling into the Grand Canyon.

To make matters worse, she switched off the GPS locator on her mobile phone so that she couldn't be tracked.

The Daily Mail reports that, in reality, Samantha Busch was standing safely on a ledge while her boyfriend took the photograph - which has since gone viral after being posted on Reddit with the headline, "Mom was worried about my trip to the Grand Canyon, I sent her this picture."

Samantha told ABC News: "For five days up to when we left, my mom had warned me about falling off the cliff or being blown off.

"So when we were hiking around the corner, I found a good spot where I could stand on the ledge. (My boyfriend) angled the camera just right and he took a great picture."

She added: "I messaged it to her first and she works for a medical auditing company and there are women there who have known me since day one, and they freaked out over it also.

"I emailed it to them, too, and they were all freaking out over it saying I gave them a heart attack."

She explained: "So for the whole week I decided not to let her know where I'm at. I had to give her some practise to not know where I am every day."

Amazing, Samantha's mother Rebecca wasn't even angry about her daughter's prank.

Samantha said: "She's fine. She wasn't even angry. She was just relieved."

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