Revealed! How hotel workers exact revenge on rude guests


Revealed! How hotel workers exact revenge on rude guestsGetty

Rude hotel guests beware: one travel industry worker as revealed the great lengths some staff members will go to exact their revenge on you.

Former hotel employee Jacob Tomsky has written a book, called Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotel, Hustlers and So-Called Hospitality, which details all the dirty tricks hotel staff use to give rude guests their "just desserts".

Tomsky worked in luxury hotels for more than a decade, from valet parking to manning the front desk, and has now decided to spill the industry's revenge secrets, which include "soiling" toothbrushes and minibar mayhem.

He revealed that wealthier guests are nearly always the rudest and, according to the Daily Mail, said: "A lot of people are watching Downton Abbey now, and they think, 'Oh, I've got servants, too!'.

"Especially the affluent, they treat people as they never would otherwise. Meanwhile, hardworking people - who might be getting screwed - won't say anything.

"It's the people who have way more money who want everything now, and they want it for free."

Find out five top hotel staff revenge acts below:

No room for an upgrade: If you arrive at front desk with an attitude, you could well find yourself in the worst room in the hotel. According to, Tomsky says: "You probably could have had a really nice suite. And you'll never know it. I became the master of instant karma."

Toothbrush tainting: You might want to keep your toothbrush hidden if you've been rude to staff at a hotel, says Tomsky. Your pegs-polisher could find itself "fouled".

Glass half full: Of furniture polish, rather than soap and water... Apparently, it makes them sparkle.

Keybombing: According to the New York Post, Tomsky says if you've been having trouble accessing your room with your key card, it means you've annoyed someone at the desk, and they'll re-activate your key card when they see fit, in a move that's known as "keybombing".

Minibar misdemeanours: Remember to check your bill, as put-out hotel staff steal from minibars and deliberately up your costs.

According to the New York Post, Tomsky's book offers an "often hilarious exposé of unethical practices combined with sympathetic tips for you, the poor, hapless consumer."

The site says hotel guests also provide "comic relief" for hotel workers, who, as soon as you go out, may rifle through your room, sniff your underwear, and read your notes and faxes.

Staff also use vacant rooms to have sex in, sometimes just an hour or so before you check in. And guess what? It probably happened on top of your bed, and housekeeping was probably never called.

So how can you try and ensure you don't suffer any of this treatment? The obvious one is, of course, don't be rude.

Tomsky says the power of a tip shouldn't be underestimated, but, most importantly, be nice: remember names, make eye contact, say please and thank you.

He says: "There's nothing better than giving someone a great stay just because you like them.

"Kindness really does go a long way."

Something to remember for your next trip...

You know you've booked the wrong hotel when...

You know you've booked the wrong hotel when...

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