British Airways Twitter account 'hacked'


British Airways Twitter account hackedPA

British Airways has launched an investigation after claiming that its Twitter account was hacked yesterday afternoon.

Sky News reports that the official BA account retweeted an offensive and racist message on Saturday afternoon.

According to Digital Journal, it all started when a twitter user sent a tweet to BA expressing his anger about the cancellation of his flight.

His message read: "@British_Airways F*** you. F***** cancelling my flight!"

Another, now-defunct account, then reposted this message with the additional comment: "[Go} back to your f****** country."

This was then retweeted by BA, meaning that the exchange was visible to all of the company's 210,000 followers.

The tweet was later deleted and staff tweeted an apology which read: "Apologies for the last RT. We are sorry for any offence caused and are investigating how this may have happened."

Unfortunately, hundreds of BA's followers resent, or commented upon, the offensive tweet. More than 160 followers then retweeted the apology.

According to Digital Journal, the airline's Twitter account gained about 70 followers per hour after the incident.

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