Australian girl feared taken by crocodile


Australian girl feared taken by crocodilePA

Police in Australia's Northern Territory are searching for a seven-year-ol girl who they believe was taken by a crocodile while swimming with friends.

Sky News reports that the girl was reportedly taken at a waterhole in Gumarrirnbag, a remote part of the country which is 210 miles east of Darwin.

The crocodile attacked while she was swimming with other children and one adult. She was last seen being dragged under the water by the crocodile, which also attacked the man who had been swimming with her.

Yesterday, police and a team of volunteers searched the area but failed to find the girl. However,
according to TVNZ news, a three-metre crocodile was shot dead in the billabong earlier today. When it was examined, police found what they believe to be human remains inside its stomach.

Senior Sergenat Shaun Gill of NT Police said, "Further forensic testing will be conducted in Darwin to determine if the remains are human and, if found human, the identity of the person."

He added: "This is a heartbreaking outcome for the family and the community."

Crocodiles are not thought to have been seen in the area before the incident and the community believed that the billabong was safe for swimming.

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