Enormous 96lb conger eel caught off coast of Devon


Enormous 96lb conger eel caught off coast of DevonBNPS

Angler Andy Parker proudly posed for pics with a record conger eel that he caught in the English Channel.

The 96lb monster was snared by Andy, 42, following a mammoth 40-minute struggle with the serpent-like specimen.

The eel is the biggest caught in British waters this year.

Andy, from Huddersfield, was fishing on a boat 35 miles off Torquay, Devon, when he snared the enormous creature.

He likened the "massively difficult" catch to a "boxing match", telling The Sun: "We could not believe the size of it, it looked like some sort of deep-sea monster from a horror movie."

Andy and his fellow anglers on board the 17ft Anne Clare boat took pictures of the record catch before putting it back in the sea.

According to the British Conger Club, the conger eel is found all around the British Isles, as well as other Northern European coastlines.

It prefers rough ground, preferably a reef or a wreck, in depths down to about 100m, and can grow up to three metres long and weigh up to between 250-350lb, possibly larger.

The site also states that the current Rod Caught World Record Conger Eel weighed 133lb 4oz and was captured by Vic Evans fishing a wreck from his own boat, Sea Spray, off Brixham, Devon, in 1995.

They must favour the area as, back in October 2009, fisherman Dean Corbett landed at 10ft, 100lb coger eel in Torquay, too, according to the Daily Mail.

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