Video: 'Pesky' penguins invading property in South Africa


Tourists come from all over the world just to get close to the African penguins at picturesque Betty's Bay, 100km from Cape Town, South Africa.

But for some residents, the penguins have come too close for comfort; they've been breaching fences and invading property.

Betty's Bay resident Barbara Wallers, told CNN: "The stench, it stinks like hell. We've got all the guano, the feathers, when the wind blows we get all this black rubbish into the house. And the noise at night is unreal. That bellow, and bellow, and bellow, and bellow.

The African penguin is also known as the jackass penguin because of its donkey-like bellow is endangered species, its numbers have fallen by 90 per cent in the last century.

But since Betty's Bay colony was started in 1982 with just breeding pairs, their numbers are now in the thousands.

Locals say there wouldn't be a problem if the fences were kept in good order.

One resident, Johanne Klopper, said: "I don't mind the penguins at all if they are on the municipal property or on the nature conservation property, as long as they are not on my property."

Local penguin supporters are hoping for a peaceful solution. Margaret Roestorf, of the South African Foundation for the Conservation For Coastal Birds, said: "I think there are many people in Betty's Bay that absolutely adore the penguins, so it would be wonderful if this thing could quietly be resolved."

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