Terror in crowd as lion escapes during circus performance in Macedonia


Terror in crowd as lion escapes during circus performanceStock photo: Getty

Hundreds of tourists at a circus in Macedonia had the fright of their lives when a lion escaped halfway through its performance.

According to The Star, the incident occurred on Sunday night in Kavadarci, a town about 100km south of the capital Skopje.

The spectators fled in panic when the lion charged through metal fencing at the Hungarian circus Safari, according to circus officials and witnesses. Children were crying and some women even fainted, they said.

The lion was stopped using a tranquiliser gun, while two other lions used in the performance were caged by handlers, according to The Jakarta Post.

It's not the first time, of course, that animals have attempted to escape the circus - and we don't blame them.

Back in March, an elephant escaped from a circus and ran around the car park of a busy Irish shopping centre before bursting through a barrier and charging onto the road.

The 2.5 tonne elephant, named Baby, was eventually re-captured by her panic-stricken handlers.

The circus was visiting the town of Blackpool in Cork when the incident happened.

Back in September, a giraffe that escaped from a circus gave the police the runaround in an Italian city for more than an hour.

People frantically fled the giraffe's path as the runaway charged around the picturesque town centre of Imola, near Bologna, crossing busy streets.

The giraffe had broken loose from Rinaldo Orfeo Circus, halting rush hour traffic in its bid for freedom.

Sadly, according to Reuters, the giraffe died of a cardiac arrest after it was tranquilised.

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