British holidaymaker raped at knifepoint in Argentina


British holidaymaker raped at knifepoint in ArgentinaPA

A 24-year-old British holidaymaker has been raped at knifepoint while trekking to a waterfall in a gorge known as Devil's Throat in Argentina.

The Daily Star reports that the woman, who is thought to be from South-West England, had become separated from her friend when the incident happened on Thursday.

Although the attacker took her underwear and other evidence after raping her, police arrested three men and the woman was due to attend an ID parade yesterday.

The Devil's Throat Walk is a key attraction in Argentina's Iguazú National Park. The upper Iguazú River and the Subtropical Forest frame the Devil's Throat balcony, which give a stunning view of the 80-metre high horseshoe-shaped waterfall. Along the walkways, visitors can see between 160 and 275 waterfalls, with he Devil's Throat being the most impressive.

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