Cute video: Wild koala crawls up tourist's leg for a cuddle


Cute video: Wild koala crawls up tourist's leg for a cuddleHerald Sun

A Canadian couple on a working holiday in Australia had a lucky - and very cute - encounter with a koala during a hike along The Great Ocean Walk in Victoria.

The cuddly critter took an interest in Charli, and came over to say hello, before clambering up her leg for a little hug.

She told the Herald Sun: "We'd just woken up and were making our way along the path when I spotted this little koala.

"After calling to him: 'Hey koala, hey sweetie, etc', he starting walking toward us!

"I couldn't believe how close he got and that's when I turned the video camera on."

She added: "I wanted to make sure we got a good photo (and wasn't sure if the quality of the video still would be ok), so I asked my husband to take a photo.

"I held him for a few minutes longer until he looked 'fussy' and when he was ready to go I made a ramp of my leg for him and he climbed back down and then straight up a tree!"

The video was actually shot in December 2010, but has only just started to go viral.

See the magical moment below:

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