Video: Crocodile takes on lions in fight over lunch


Video: Crocodile takes on lions in fight over lunchYouTube

A cheeky crocodile gatecrashing a lioness' lunch party has been caught on video by a brave cameraman.

The reptile is clearly an unwanted guest as he sneaks up on the two adult females and their cubs while they are feeding on a freshly-caught impala.

Photographer Oli Dreike, 34, was just 20 metres away in his tent in the Zungulila Bushcamp, Zambia, when the croc made his attempted robbery.

He told The Sun: "The cats were so engrossed in their meal that it took them a while to realise that they had an uninvited table guest.

"The lionesses seemed to be protecting the kill as well as their cubs, although the croc seemed to get away with a small chunk of meat."

See the footage below:

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