Winter to be colder than ever - and there's a white Christmas on the way!



It could be time to start planning that winter sun getaway, as experts are predicting this winter will be colder than ever - with temperatures as low as -18C and talk of a white Christmas.

While some parts of the country woke up to a beautiful dawn this morning (check out this pic of Malmesbury in Wiltshire), be warned: things are going to get wetter - and colder.

British Weather Services' senior meteorologist Jim Dale told the Metro: "We're forecasting a colder than average period from mid-November to late January, with significant snow at times, particularly in the north and east, but with London also seeing snow."

"Minimum temperatures are expected to fall to about -10C in southern England and -18C in parts of Scotland.

"Road users will need to be aware of snow hazards.'

The good news? There's a higher chance of a traditional white Christmas, as high pressure blocks mild Atlantic air, says the report.

Winter to be colder than ever - and there's a white Christmas on the way!PA

Meanwhile, there are weather warnings in place for the the immediate future, as 60mph winds and high tides could spark flooding in coastal areas. Heavy rainfall in many parts of the country including Charvil, Berkshire (pictured above) has already led to flooding.

The Environment Agency said strong westerly winds would cause stormy seas which, combined with some of the highest tides of the year, would lead to high sea levels and spray coming over sea walls.

It is warning people to be careful while driving or walking along the coast over the next few days.

Gemma Plumb, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said there would be gusts of 50 to 55mph throughout the day along the south west Wales coast and would reach up to 60mph in places.

In Devon and Cornwall the gusts are expected to reach between 40 and 55mph.

The Met Office has warned of disruption to transport, as winds were expected to increase to "gale or severe gale force" on exposed parts of the coast.

It added that people should be particularly careful on exposed areas, where there is a risk of being swept away by waves or being hit by debris thrown up by waves.

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