Ryanair charges £160 to correct mistakes on tickets


Ryanair charges £160 to correct mistakes on ticketsPA

If you turn up at the airport to discover that there's a spelling mistake on your boarding pass, Ryanair will put a serious dent in your holiday spending money by charging £160 to put it right.

The Mirror reports that some passengers have to buy an entirely new ticket to ensure that the name on their boarding pass matches the name on their passport. This is because the passenger lists that airlines pass on to the authorities must exactly match names on the tickets - and airlines can refuse to allow passengers to board if there is even the smallest discrepancy.

Ryanair aren't the only airline to charge hefty admin fees: Thomson charges a minimum of £50, with some passengers being charged the full price of the ticket on the day of departure.

This is particularly problematic for new brides, who book their honeymoon with a new married name but haven't yet changed their passport, and for people who use an abbreviated form of their name - such as Jon and Jonathan.

So it's vital to check your tickets for any mistakes well before your departure date and if someone else is booking your tickets, it's important to make sure that they know how to spell your name.

A Ryanair spokesman said: "The name on the boarding card must match the name on ID with any airline."

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