Manchester Airport security worker fails to spot fake bomb


Manchester Airport security worker fails to spot fake bombPA

An airline security worker at Manchester Airport has been suspended from duty after she failed to spot a fake bomb as it passed through the X-Ray machine.

The device was carried through security in an item of hand luggage by an official posing as a passenger.

The Daily Mail reports that the security worker did not detect the fake device as it passed through the 'air side' X-ray machine - meaning that it could have been taken onboard a flight. It is believed that she was distracted because she was looking at her work rota rather than watching the screen.

BBC News reports that the Department of Transport carries out regular security exercises of this kind at UK airports, to ensure that the necessary security checks are taking place.

A spokesman for the airport said: "We can confirm a security officer has been suspended but we cannot comment further as there is an ongoing investigation.

"The safety of the travelling public is paramount, which is why the UK combines intelligence, technology and other measures to provide one of the strictest regimes for aviation security in the world.

"We have a regular programme of inspections to ensure compliance with this regime, but do not comment on the specifics or outcomes for obvious reasons."

Click on the image below for some examples of airport security gone mad...

Airport security gone mad?

Airport security gone mad?

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