Passenger 'knocked unconscious' in Ryanair plane stairs fall sues for €38,000


Passenger 'knocked unconscious' in Ryanair plane stairs fall sues for €38,000PA

A passenger who fell down stairs while disembarking a Ryanair plane at Dublin Airport has settled her €38,000 damages claim against the airline.

Malgorzata Jeneralczyk, 57, from Poznan, Poland, claimed she had been exiting a Ryanair plane at Dublin when she slipped and fell on a wet and slippery mobile stairs.

According to the Irish Times, she had been holding a rail with one hand and carrying her hand luggage in the other when she fell.

Air crew came to her assistance and she had been given first aid by an airport paramedic team.

Ms Jeneralczyk claimed she had been knocked unconscious for a short period of time, cut her left eyebrow, and bruised her left shoulder, knee, ribs and right hand.

Barrister Michelle Flynn told the Circuit Civil Court that the claim, settled for an undisclosed sum, could be struck out with an order for costs against Ryanair, who had entered a full defence to the claim.

Last month, Ryanair hit the headlines a number of times; at the end of September, an oxygen-dependent pensioner was refused permission to carry her life-saving medical device on board a Ryanair flight - because it constituted a "second piece of hand luggage".

Bridie O'Donnell, 70, has told how she "feared for her life" after being told she wouldn't be allowed to carry her oxygen with her on a flight from London Stansted to Derry.

At the beginning of September, a Ryanair plane was taken out of service after two passengers complained of insect bites after their flight.

Reuters reported that the passengers, who travelled from Billund, Denmark to Ciampino, Italy, made a complaint while they were waiting in the terminal to collect their luggage.

Several Italian news outlets reported that doctors diagnosed tick bites and contacted pest control.

As a result, the aircraft was taken out of service overnight so that it could be disinfected. It was returned to service the following day.

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