Would you pay £75 for a plate of bangers and mash?


Would you pay £75 for a plate of bangers and mash?On average, a plate of bangers and mash costs us £7.99: Rex

Your average plate of bangers and mash costs around £7.99.

But one Michelin-starred restaurant in London is selling the British favourite for an eye-watering £75 a pop - making it the most expensive sausages and mash dish in the world.

So why the whopping price tag? The mash contains black truffles, while the sausages are made from pampered Iberico pigs fed on acorns, wild thyme, rosemary and mushrooms.

They are then braised in a 16-year-old vintage Bordeaux wine worth £75 a bottle, according to The Sun.

Olivier Limousin, chef at the two Michelin star L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central London, told the Mirror: "Working with this quality of ingredients is a dream come true.

"And putting my stamp on sausages and mash is also a delight."

The dish, created to celebrate Potato Week (1 to 7 October), led by the Potato Council, is nine times more expensive than the average sausages and mash dish.

The Potato Council said: "This dish gives a gastronomic twist on a meal most of us enjoy once a fortnight at home.

"But of course you don't need to add expensive truffle to enjoy this classic."

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