Amazing Northern Lights display captured over Scotland


Amazing Northern Lights display captured over ScotlandJim Henderson/Barcroft Media

If more proof were needed that you don't have to jet off to Norway to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights - here it is.

A spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis was captured in Scotland this week by photographer Jim Henderson, who managed to snap the Northern Lights show in Royal Deeside on 1 October in Aberdeen.

The phenomenon occurs when charged particles from the sun enter the atmosphere, and the dancing light show is normally only seen much further north.

But, back in January, the green-tinged glow even made a spectacular appearance over the skies of County Durham, Northumberland and the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire.

One would usually have to head close to the Arctic to see the resulting light display, but every eleven years there is an increase in solar activity that creates powerful explosions of particles, which means the aurora borealis can be seen further south.

2012 is said to be the best time in years to see the Northern Lights. Discover the top spots to do so here:

Where to see the Northern Lights

Where to see the Northern Lights

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