Easyjet flight diverted... to collect first aid kit


easyJet flight diverted... to collect first aid kitPA

An easyJet flight to Malaga was delayed by more than two hours because it had to stop off in Madrid to pick up a first aid kit for another plane.

According to Spanish news site, The Olive Press, the flight from Gatwick departed on time, but the pilot then made an announcement explaining that they would be making a stop in Madrid.

Passenger Tony Lee told The Olive Press: "He said we had to collect two first aid boxes for another easyJet plane in Malaga that couldn't take off without them."

Once the flight landed in Madrid, there was a delay while cabin crew waited for the supplies to arrive, followed by more delays for refuelling and take off.

By the time the flight landed at 1am, Mr Lee said that all the baggage handlers had gone home, so there was a half-hour wait for bags.

When he asked the flight attendant whey they needed to make the stop, Mr Lee said: "She told me there had obviously been an unusually high demand for items from the first aid boxes. Which begs the question, why isn't there an industry standard for first aid equipment available at all airports?"

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