'Drowning woman' rescued on tourist beach turns out to be sex doll


Sex doll rescued on beach in Turkey after rescue services thought it was a real woman.Stock photo: Rex

Beachgoers on a popular tourist beach in Turkey were left feeling a little foolish after calling emergency services to rescue a 'drowning woman' - that turned out to be an inflatable sex doll.

Holidaymakers raised the alarm when they thought they'd spotted a woman in trouble at a beach in the Black Sea.

'Drowning woman' rescued on tourist beach turns out to be sex dollPA

Police even cordoned off a large section of the beach, and officers in the northern Samsun province sent a team of divers into the water, according to the Daily Mail.

When rescuers realised the mix-up, they deflated the doll and threw it in the bin, according to Turkey's Miliyet newspaper.

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