Video: 'Starving' sharks attack boat in Cornwall


Video: 'Starving' sharks attack boat in

The moment a pack of 'starving' blue sharks attacked a fisherman's boat in Cornwall has been caught on camera. Scroll down to see the video

Graeme Pullen and Wayne Comben became surrounded by the blue sharks - which have been known to kill humans - in Falmouth, lured by a bag of fish that had been hung up in an attempt to find a Mako shark.

Graeme, 60, managed to capture the aggressive attack, which lasted for three minutes, on film.

According to The Sun, he said: "We put an onion sack of mashed fish over the side to attract a Mako shark but all of a sudden we then had three blue sharks circling the boat.

"Normally they would hold back and wait to see if there was any food drifting free but these were very aggressive and just charged directly at the boat.

"One of them came out of the water and launched an all-out attack on the bag of fish, biting and tearing it to pieces - it was very worrying to witness.

"If you would have put your hand in the water you would have lost it because this shark clamped its jaws on the food and thrashed its head from side to side.

"I would not want to have been in the water at that point and one of the other blue sharks even tried to bite the outboard propeller as it was that hungry."

He added: "There is no doubt in my mind that the sharks are starving.

"Their food supply has dried up and sharks are coming closer to shore looking for something to eat and when they see some they just go into a frenzy.

"You can't keep harvesting the mackerel stocks the way that some commercial fishermen have done otherwise the sharks will get bolder searching for food."

Blue sharks can grow to 13ft and are found in many oceans across the globe.

The blue shark primarily feeds on fish and squid, but have been known to attack humans; since 2009, 13 attacks on humans have been recorded and four fatalities.

Fisheries biologist Dr Phil Williams said this frenzied behaviour is not typical of the "reasonably sluggish" shark, and that they must have been"absolutely starving" to behave like that.

See the footage here:

Just last month, holidaymakers at a popular tourist beach in Wales were told to stay out of the water after RNLI lifeguards spotted a blue shark in the sea.

According to theBBC, red flags were raised on New Quay beach in Ceredigion and the beach was temporarily closed.

The shark swam between boats moored at the end of the beach.

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