Video: Pilot loses patience during terror threat scare


Watch video: Pilot loses patience during terror threat scare at New York JFK airport, American Airlines, flight delay, planeWABC-TV

An American Airlines pilot was recorded losing his cool with authorities when he was told not to let passengers off the plane at New York's JFK airport but wasn't given a reason why. reports that air traffic controllers ordered the pilot, who had flown from San Francisco, to keep passengers on the plane and taxi the plane to a remote part of the airport.

The concerned pilot lost his patience and demanded to know why.

'Yeah, well, they need to get off the phone and give me some information now,' he said.

The delay was due to a prank caller telling authorities that terrorists were hiding in the plane's wheel well and were about to hijack the plane.

The pilot, who was still unaware of the situation, was heard growing more frustrated at the lack of response from air traffic controllers.

He said: 'We're surrounded by emergency vehicles, there's a reason for this,'

'Somebody's got to give us the reason or we're going to evacuate the aircraft. You've got 60 seconds.'

The pilot was not impressed when he was told to call another number for information and said: 'Negative, I demand the information right now over a frequency.'

He was then told about the threat. After a two-hour delay when the plane was searched by law enforcements officials, the plane was given the all-clear, along with a flight from Helsinki, Finland, which was also delayed.

Speaking to WABC-TV, American Airlines passenger Ben Rosamund said: 'There was a little bit of nerves around in the plane, but the flight attendants and everything just kept it quiet.'

Watch the video of the pilot's conversation with air traffic controllers below:

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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