British man on stag-do cruise wakes up 'on fire'


British man on stag-do cruise wakes up 'on fire' PA

A British man has told how he fell asleep at a bar on a 'booze cruise' in Amsterdam, and woke up on fire and in agony.

James Bailey, 28, from Lanarkshire, is now seeking legal advice after owners of the boat, DFDS Seaways, refuse to accept any responsibility for the accident, according to

He told the Daily Mail: "After a few drinks I fell asleep at a table on the eighth floor bar. Most of my friends were either asleep or back in their rooms.

"I suddenly awoke in extreme agony and quickly realised my clothes were on fire.

"The bartender assisted in removing my shirt and putting out the flames.

"I burned my hand which instantly blistered to the size of a grape."

Bailey says there were around 20 to 30 people in the bar, but no one can tell him how he came to be on fire.

He said bar staff helped him put out the flames, but not before he suffered first, second and third degree burns.

He added: "I have constant pain, I am suffering from insomnia and night terrors, and I am unable to carry out basic daily tasks.

"I have also been referred for psychological help so I can get on with my life.

"I feel so helpless because I can't get closure. I want answers."

A spokesman for DFDS Seaways said they were unable to comment.

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