Diver finds digital camera 30ft underwater - does it belong to this man?


Diver finds digital camera 30ft underwater - and is looking for the ownerSWNS

When diver Mark Milburn found a digital camera lying on rocks at the bottom of the sea, he didn't expect that it would still be working.

But when he dried it out he was amazed to discover that the memory card still contained more than 800 family photos. The photographs, including the one above, appear to record a number of family holidays, including a trip to Universal Studios and the Harry Potter theme park in Florida.

Mr Milburn, who runs Atlantic Scuba diving centre in Falmouth, believes that the camera must have been dropped overboard during a boat trip just two days before - and now he's trying to track down the family who owns it.

He told the Daily Mail: "I was on a routine dive when I spotted this small shiny box on the bed. I thought it was a camera case at first but when I picked it up I saw it was an actual camera. Obviously I figured the sea water would have done irreparable damage."

As well as pictures from various family holidays, Mr Milburn noticed that some were taken from a local boat.

He said: "I guess they must have dropped the camera overboard and never thought for a minute they'd see it again.

"It would be nice to return the card and the camera to them so they can have their memories back."

The lost camera was found among 66lb of rubbish collected by local divers during an underwater beach clean off Falmouth. As well as the camera, the divers found plastic bags, tin cans, golf balls and an iPhone.

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