Nudists seek 'anti-ogling' ban at favourite beach


Nudists seek 'anti-ogling' ban at favourite beachA man takes part in the annual Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run: Rex

A group representing Vancouver's most famous nudist beach is asking for a ban on noisy water sports and their ogling occupants coming from within 300 metres of the shore.

The Wreck Beach Preservation Society will present the municipal authority with a petition signed by more than 2,500 people, saying that party boats and jet skis are polluting the area and ruining the atmosphere at the beach.

Society spokeswoman Judy Williams told "The party boats come in... and there are these big jet boats... they come in, they raft together and they put amplified music on and you can't hear the seagulls, the eagles cry.

"I was sitting against a log where a man down the log was trying to play his guitar. I could see his hand moving... I couldn't hear his guitar."

She also added that, not only is their ambience being ruined, but the jet skiers pose a danger to swimmers.

She added: "Other beaches in the Lower Mainland have a 300-metre buffer between their swimmers and jet skis and motorised vessels. We have no protection at Wreck Beach."

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